Wisdom Tooth Extraction: Here’s An Overview!

For the unversed, wisdom teeth are the final set of molars that you are more likely to get in your teens. While sometimes these molars are well-aligned with other surrounding teeth, in other cases, removal is necessary. Wisdom teeth are usually removed because they have come up at a wrong angle and impacting other teeth. Sometimes, the wisdom tooth can be impacted. No matter the problem, dentists don’t recommend tooth extraction, unless absolutely necessary. If your wisdom tooth must be removed, your dentist will explain the procedure in detail and what to expect from the tooth extraction surgery. Always select a known clinic like Centre dentaire Portland for treatment and procedures, so that the side effects and concerns can be minimized.

Discussing things with your dentist

If your dentist has recommended wisdom tooth extraction, the first step is to discuss your existing health concerns. For instance, if you are diabetic or are taking blood thinners, specific medications, or supplements, your dentist needs to know. In case you have any specific concerns, discuss the same.

What to expect during the surgery?

Tooth extraction is always done under anesthesia, and your dentist will discuss the options with you. The whole procedure should take around an hour or less. In most cases, local anesthesia is preferred, where an injection is used close to the site of the surgery. In some cases, you may be recommended to inhale laughing gas that will help you relax. In some cases, general or IV sedation is recommended, especially if the dental surgeon expects the procedure to be a complicated one. The whole process of wisdom tooth extraction should take an hour or less.

After your surgery

You should aim to take rest for at least a day following the surgery. Your doctor will recommend a good painkiller and may suggest antibiotics to heal up the gums. You can consider using an ice pack on your face, and make sure that you are hydrated. Also, take soft foods for at least a couple of days, and avoid drinking from a straw. You may have fever following the surgery, and if any other symptoms seem serious, call the dental clinic right away.

Dentists do what it takes to make the extraction as simple and painless as possible. As the tooth is removed, you may feel some pressure, which shouldn’t be confused with pain. Do your homework when it comes to finding a good dental clinic.

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