Ways To Help Your Partner With Erectile Dysfunction 

If you are experiencing relationship problems with your partner because of sexual problems, you are not alone. ED is one of the most common problems in romantic relationships. The chances are that your partner is already feeling embarrassed about their condition. They are looking for a partner that loves and supports them during this difficult time. 

For men with erectile dysfunction, a partner who is patient and responds with positive support is the greatest gift. Men are shamed and blamed for their condition every day, even though it is not in their control. If your partner is suffering from the same, advise them to consult with a Telemedicine Doctor today. 

Ways to help your partner with erectile dysfunction 

  • Do not take it personally. 

In many cases, female partners take it personally when their male partners cannot get an erection. They wonder whether they are doing something wrong or not the right person for their partner. However, ED can occur even when your partner is sexually attracted to you. 

ED commonly influences one’s self-worth, both men and women. Men feel ashamed to talk about it, while females feel their male partners are no longer attracted to them. Instead of taking it personally, try going to the doctor for a check-up. 

  • Be supportive and loving. 

Empathy is the most important tool here. If your partner is unable to get an erection, you must respond with affection, patience, and understanding. Your partner is probably worried about disappointing you and feeling like a loser during that moment. They are in their most vulnerable state. This is the moment where you prove them wrong by expressing unconditional love. 

  • Try something new. 

In some cases, an ED can be fixed by trying something new that enhances sexual arousal. If you try a few new options, you might just find the problem’s cure without going to the doctor. You can include something new in the foreplay, watch something together or make a suggestion that you have been holding in. Try everything you have not before. 

  • Talk about it. 

Your partner is already stressed about their problem and has difficulty coping with it. They must feel embarrassed, ashamed, and even blame themselves for their condition. One good way to make things easier for them is to find a good moment to talk it out. 

Take their opinions on how you can help them and if there is anything they would like you to do. Avoid telling them about the frustrations that you may experience due to their medical issue. 

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