Is Patrick Holford A Real Diet Expert?

Who’s Patrick Holford?

He’s a popular diet expert. He’s British and it is most widely known for his numerous diet books, using the Optimum Diet Bible being his best-known book.

He’s also well-noted for allowing the Insitute of Optimum Diet, that he upon the market in 1998.

Is he a diet expert?

Patrick Holford initially acquired a diploma in experimental psychology. He was particularly thinking about the introduction of mental health problems. He grew to become conscious of Dr Pfeiffer and Dr Hoffer, each of whom claimed to effectively treat various mental health problems using dietary therapy.

This sparked a desire for dietary therapy within him, along with a couple of years after his graduation, he founded the Institute of Optimum Diet. Here, he researched dietary methods to assisting depression, schizophrenia, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and seating disorder for you.

The Institute of Optimum Diet increased and started offering training occasions as well as qualifications for some individuals to review there and become qualified as dietary therapists. The ION has become probably the most well-respected membership organisations for dietary therapists and produces regular magazines for practitioners and also the public.

Food For That Brain Foundation

Patrick Holford has maintained his strong curiosity about mental health problems and also the mixture of these problems with dietary therapy.

He’s the Ceo from the Food For That Brain Foundation, which promotes using dietary therapy to aid mental health.

British Association for Dietary Therapy (BANT)

He’s a Fellow from the British Association for Dietary Therapy (BANT). This organisation is really a membership and regulatory body for dietary therapists.


Like every specialist close to developing new and frequently questionable ideas, he’s share of critics.

His philosophy could be steamed lower to the concept that, through optimum diet, we’re more able to handle the problems and challenges the body may face.

While this is usually a philosophy that’s criticised by a few people, it’s neither a unique nor break through. Indeed, when we glance via a history book from the world civilization, we’ll rapidly stumble across a classic thought that a specific plant or plant was advantageous for health.

Books by Patrick Holford

He’s the writer or co-author well over 30 books, such as the extremely popular titles below:

The Optimum Diet Bible

Optimum Diet for that Mind

Optimum Diet for the Child

100% Health

Avoid Diabetes

500 Health insurance and Diet Questions Clarified

This is a full listing of all books by Patrick Holford.

Next, read full reviews and much more details about all Patric Holford’s books:

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