Tackling Skin Imperfections with Lamprobe Technology

All skin types can be faced with different types of imperfections one day or another. Although they are very common during adolescence due to puberty, adults are not spared. Nearly 58% of women between the ages of 25 and 34 report being regularly affected by skin problems. Whether it’s pimples, enlarged pores, pigment spots, or residual scars, the impact on the skin quality and the complexion’s radiance is immediate. The challenge is eliminating the imperfection to find clear, smooth, and luminous skin. metropolitan skin clinic will show you the right actions to prevent and reduce imperfections and explain how to camouflage them daily to obtain a flawless complexion.

Prevent the appearance of imperfections.

It is possible to prevent acne by following a few simple daily rules. For those who wish to treat acne and regain clear skin, you must opt ​​for care adapted to your skin type, sun protection, and a healthy lifestyle.

The Key Steps Of A Care Routine

To avoid skin problems, it is important to know how to recognize and maintain your skin type to choose treatments like lamprobe adapted to the nature and needs of the skin.

Double Cleansing

One of the most important beauty actions is to remove makeup and then clean the skin. This is where the double cleansing technique comes into play. Inspired by Asian rituals, it helps rid the pores of makeup, especially of the less visible impurities that promote imperfections: pollution and dust particles, sebum, sweat, etc. This technique also allows the epidermis to be reoxygenated and to prepare it for the application of the following treatments so that they are more effective. In practice, two stages must be distinguished:

removing makeup with a fatty substance (milk, oil, butter, balm) to dissolve fat-soluble impurities and eliminate them without damaging the hydrolipidic film;

cleansing with a gel or foam to complete makeup removal and eliminate water-soluble impurities that have resisted and could clog pores.

In terms of results, double cleansing leaves the skin perfectly cleansed and free of impurities. It becomes a treatment in its own right to limit skin problems, make the complexion fresher and more radiant, and prevent skin aging. For it to be fully effective, we recommend avoiding mineral oils that clog pores and promote imperfections. Also, limit the use of cleansers that are too aggressive or designed for a skin type other than yours, as this risks weakening your skin barrier and making your skin more vulnerable to aggression.


To combat potentially aggressive external elements, the skin needs to be supported, requiring hydration. Here again, choosing a moisturizer adapted to the skin type is important because too rich a treatment can lead to imperfections. If you have oily skin, try switching to a cream that does not contain silicones. These widely used components have an occlusive effect that suffocates the epidermis and clogs the pores. For all skin types, we recommend moisturizers with a sun protection factor, essential to prevent imperfections such as stains. It is also entirely possible to turn to an oil with balancing properties. There are vegetable oil complexes that are perfectly suited to blemished skin.

The Scrub And The Mask

We recommend detox cosmetic treatments to help your skin eliminate impurities and oxygenate the skin. Facial scrubs and masks also help prevent the appearance of imperfections and avoid the development of skin problems. Exfoliating once or twice a week (depending on the skin’s sensitivity) helps stimulate cell renewal and achieve more in-depth cleansing. Exfoliation also helps to smooth out small imperfections. Skin texture, such as spots and scars. However, it would help if you did not overdo it, as it risks stripping the skin and excites the sebaceous glands, producing more sebum. Exfoliating too frequently promotes skin reactions and can aggravate skin problems instead of preventing them.

It is advisable to take advantage of the exfoliation and then carry out a purifying or moisturizing facial mask., depending on your needs at that specific moment. After being exfoliated, the skin is much more receptive to more effective active ingredients. Purifying masks are recommended to eliminate small pimples, reduce the appearance of pores, and absorb excess sebum. They thus reduce the risk of imperfections appearing on the skin. Moisturizing masks are gentler and help keep skin supple and plump.

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