Here’s What You Should Expect During Multiple Dental Implant Placement

There has been quite a shout-out in today’s era of dentistry about dental implant supported restorations, but patients are still unaware of this very treatment option. Those patients suffering from tooth or teeth loss are willing to repair their smiles with many dental implant posts, and this can even seem more overwhelming. This article will help you understand more about the restoration of your smile with multiple dental implants: the process, costs and the advantages.

How’s the procedure different?

Mostly, the process of the multiple dental implant placements is identical to placing a single dental implant. An incision is created in the gum tissue and a titanium implant post is anchored into your jawbone. But, this is done a number of times on the basis of the number and position of the lost teeth. Once all the implants are installed in the place, protective caps are placed over the implantation positions to shield the areas around the post. These protective caps also help in keeping the shape of the soft tissue until and unless the implant fuses completely with the jawbones and the restorations are finally crafted and attached firmly. In the imminent months, the dental implants will fuse in completely with the gums and jawbones copying the missing tooth roots.

How many implants would you need?

The quantity of dental implants posts you require is dependent on the kind of restoration, size and shape of your oral structures. You can typically expect the following:

  1. One implant: this implant is used to support a single dental crown to replace a tooth and in many scenarios, in order to support two fused together replacement teeth with the help of the same implant,
  2. Two implants: this implant is used to support a fixed bridge prosthetic, one implant is placed on each end and many patients need only two implants in order to support a small partial denture.
  3. Three or more implants: in this implant, at least 3 or 6 dental implant posts are used in order to support the most partial and full dentures.

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