How Long After A Vasectomy Can You Have Sex?

Most people get a vasectomy in Brooklyn, New York, so they can engage in sexual activities without the fear of impregnating their partner. Therefore, one of the most commonly asked questions after the surgery is when they can resume sexual intercourse again. Of course, you need to rest and give the wounds time to heal, but it probably won’t take a lot of time. 

The good news is that patients can go back to their normal lives seven days after the surgery. Naturally, there are additional factors that can affect your recovery. Therefore, it is a good idea to consult your urologist before doing anything. 

How long after a vasectomy can you have sex?

Doctors in Brooklyn, New York, recommend resting your body after getting a vasectomy for at least 48 hours. This includes being on complete bed rest and staying off your foot as much as possible. Therefore, all your daily activities should be avoided, whether it be household work, professional work, or sexual intercourse. You should allow the surgical wounds to heal to prevent them from getting worse. 

Usually, patients can return to work after two days of rest. However, strenuous activities are still to be avoided for some time. Avoid lifting heavy items, running, strenuous workouts, and sexual intercourse. These activities can put pressure on your lower body and interfere with the healing process. 

A vasectomy patient is usually able to return to their sexual life after a week of the surgery. If you have been resting well and there are no signs of a negative side effect, it means that you are healing well and are ready to resume your regular lifestyle. However, it is critical to get a proper analysis from your doctor first. 

Confirming sterility before sex

A vasectomy does not start working immediately after the procedure, meaning that you can still impregnate your partner. You usually have to wait for a few weeks before the semen flushes out of your system. The first 15-20 ejaculations will still contain sperm. 

It is recommended to use an alternative form of birth control for at least three months following the surgery. At the end of three months, your doctor will perform a semen analysis to confirm sterility. If you still have sperm in your system, the procedure will be repeated in a few months. 

How does a semen analysis take place?

For your semen analysis, you need to provide your semen sample to your healthcare provider. You can do this by ejaculating in a cup provided at the clinic. To ensure the results are accurate, avoid ejaculating for 24–72 hours before the test. The fluid is observed under a microscope to see if there are any active sperms. 

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