5 Tips For Keeping Your Invisalign Invisible

Invisalign aligners are excellent alternatives to the traditional robust metal braces. These are transparent and easily removable aligners, unlike the metal braces for which maintaining them is convenient. If you’re looking for the most useful tips for keeping your Invisalign invisible, then with proper cleaning, retaining the transparency of the aligners is possible.

Here, 5 tips for keeping your Invisalign invisible are shared

Before eating, remove your aligners

As suggested by many dental experts, removing the Invisalign aligners before eating will keep the trays cleaner. Often beverages and food damage the transparent trays with stubborn stains.

Food particles also get stuck inside the aligners as while eating, some amount of food particles stay inside the teeth. If that are not cleaned thoroughly, you might experience plaque and even gum diseases because of the bacteria formation.

Professional Cleaning

You can visit your dentist’s office for cleaning your Invisalign aligners professionally, along with a routine checkup of your oral health. The dentists use hydrogen peroxide for cleaning the trays thoroughly with an electronic brush. With proper cleaning, maintaining the invisibility of the aligners is possible.

Clean Invisalign aligners at home

There’re some useful homemade tips for cleaning the trays with a professional touch. For that, you need hydrogen peroxide, a motor toothbrush, a cup, and warm water.

Hydrogen Peroxide has a bleaching property with an antiseptic agent. Dentists use 3% of Hydrogen peroxide in a cup and dab the Invisalign in it for over 30 minutes. The toxic agent is limited that’s why it doesn’t smell or taste bad after cleaning. You can do the same and rinse off the trays in running warm water before using them.

Avoid using mouth wash, vinegar, or bleaching agents for cleaning the trays. The transparent trays will get stains and you’ll keep experiencing a terrible taste afterward.

Clean your trays with an electronic toothbrush

Like many Invisalign aligner users, use an electronic toothbrush for thorough cleaning of the trays. After keeping the trays in the hydrogen peroxide, brush the aligners thoroughly under running water. The ultraviolet vibrations will remove the plaques in the hidden corners of the trays before you wear them.

Maintain your trays regularly

Along with prioritizing your oral care by brushing three times a day and flossing your teeth regularly, you must also keep your Invisalign trays clean and store them in a case.

By following these tips, it is possible to keep your Invisalign trays invisible.

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